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    Maxy -

    signed back up with eMeals! I’d used them before and LOVED the prcoess. It certainly made my meal planning a much easier and enjoyable experience – AND it helps with the budget, which is awesome. Right

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    Bambi -

    We are about to embark on a borthoam remodel here at the kampground and I can only imagine what my kampers would do with a bidet ............. I am thinking that a lot of them don't wipe anyway, well, on the walls sometimes.

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    Pokey -

    This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for wringti!

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    Iin -

    Good info for practice who call home bound ptitenas. The times I noticed speaker phone is used, I ask if it's ok for others in room can hear our conversation.

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    Merita -

    ahhhh. you will {heart} this gem! they cook beautifully and clean up so ealisy. and they definitely last forever. HUGE congrats. now abe will want a little bebe le creuset for some no knead bread. produces a lovely loaf.

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    Bruce -

    A insightful post ineded. Experience is important, but so is a person's moral and ethics. A person does not need to serve in the senate for 26 years to know that we are in a unjust war or that ending the genocide in Darfur/Uganda is necessary. Many issues that plague this country and the world stem from ignorance and greed. Most could be solved in due time, but are drawn out and torn apart by the elites who control much of what happens. Our economy is not this bad out of chance. The rich tried getting richer and took risks that would affect the country and the world. When this occurs, the government needs to take action and regulate in favor of the common man, not the CEO.

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    Gaabrieeliitho -

    Stan: I posted the story, and the url to my blgoopst. Just hope no one thinks that that story was my personal experience - it certainly wasn't, I just read it in the paper. But it's good enough to share. :-)heapbasket: thank you for your own insightful comments. Are you sure you're only sixteen?? ;) I agree with what you're saying; it's so sad that our world's in such a state. I hope that we as a species have it in us to achieve better things.

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    Eduardo -

    Before mykid was born, I had dreams of heathly, fresh, from-scratch, whole family meals every night of the week. The reality? We almost never eat together, all three of us. But the other reality is that she does eat almost entirely organic food. She had hummus, carrots, and green peppers for dinner tonight. The nights we do all eat dinner together are heavenly, and usually it consists of bread, cheese, tomatoes, and olives. No prep necessary.

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    Bayle -

    Why do I bother calilng up people when I can just read this!

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    Kaylea -

    This info is the cat's pasajam!